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At Arthur Murray, our dance lessons cater to all ages and levels of dance — from beginners to advanced. Couples are welcome, but a partner is not mandatory to dance at our studio.

Dance Lessons in Brookvale

Take advantage of our proven three way system that includes private classes, group dance classes, and practice sessions. Together, these elements target these areas: knowledge, repetition, and application. Our dance lessons in Brookvale have helped hundreds of people from all walks of life become confident on the dance floor.

Standard Curriculum

When you sign up for dance lessons in Brookvale with Arthur Murray, you’ll be introduced to our Medalist Standards. Our curriculum is designed to teach in logical order, from easiest to more difficult, with each level of dance classes consisting of the building blocks for the level above…

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Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding dance lessons can completely transform your wedding and add joy to your special day. As the Sydney Area wedding dance lessons specialists, we have helped to create hundreds of magical wedding experiences…

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For Men Only

In today’s world, a man needs to be ready for any occasion: at a wedding, business trip, or just a night on the town. With Arthur Murray’s dance lessons for men, you can rest assured you’ll be prepared for that moment when you will need to be able to lead a lady to music…

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