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Are you interested in Bachata lessons in the Northern Beaches? Residents who want to learn about this Latin dancing sensation choose Arthur Murray. Read on to learn more about taking Bachata lessons and Bachata classes which are fun and interesting.
The Bachata is a latin dance with simple footwork and strong hip movement. The music is romantic in nature and therefore the movement reflects the story of love and heartbreak. Bachata steps involve many optional turns for the lady. Bachata lessons in Brookvale can help you master this beautiful dance.

History of Bachata Dancing

The Bachata originated in the countryside of the Dominican Republic. The dance is a direct reflection of the music played in the night clubs during the 1960’s. The Bachata has close ties to the Cuban Bolero and more people than ever are registering for Bachata lessons in Brookvale for the look and feel of the dance as well as for the great music.

Bachata Dance Lessons – Characteristics

The Brookvale Bachata lessons offered at Arthur Murray provide you with direction on very basic and simple footwork that moves in a side to side or forward to back motion. The romantic character of the Bachata is achieved from the sensual hip and body actions. Good use of the knees helps produce the desired hip movement. Many people who start lessons without any latin dance experience quickly adapt.

Bachata Music

The music of Bachata is the root of the dance. The tempo is slow, approximately 120 beats per minute, and is played in 4/4. Bachata music can be referred to as latin “blues” music. It usually tells the tale of sadness in love and is the most romantic genre of guitar music of this century.

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